Whether you play cricket, rugby, football, hockey or netball….we are team sport specialists

rugby-591686_1280We could hardly call ourselves a sports specialist without offering all the essentials needed for our most popular team sports! From cricket bats and pads, to rugby boots and head guards – we cover all bases so you’re covered for the season, or for those mid-season replacements. We can help with the equipment, footwear, accessories and apparel you need.

For advice about rugby

We stock rugby boots and accessories, mouthguards, head protectors, shorts, socks and other gear for all your rugby sports, pop into our shop or call on 020 7326 5050, and check out our rugby page which gives plenty of details about what kit is actually needed, whatever level you are playing at.

There are around 362,319 pre-teen male rugby players in Britain right now, as we move up the age range a little, there are 698,803 teen male players.

Near us in Herne Hill, rugby is big at Dulwich College, and there is a huge mini rugby organisation for all ages of children at the Old Alleynians club, just off the south circular road. They welcome all boys and girls currently aged 6 or over and under 18 on the 1st September of the current season. They have members from all types of schools and all types of backgrounds. See here for more details

Football, netball and hockey kit

team sports equipment at herne hill intersportOver 1.9 million people play football in Britain every week.
Football shirts are a really popular item for many youngsters in the Herne Hill area, but getting the right shorts for comfort during play is just as important and don’t forget the shin-guards, check out our football page for more details about how to choose a football boot.

Netball is played in at least three local schools and is actually still a fast growing sport, we have an exclusive asics netball shoe at Intersport, just ask for details, plus some great choices of netball dress. Hockey is big in our local schools too and although some schools provide kit, there’s always a need for practice and workout equipment and we can certainly help with the items you will want to own personally, such as boots, body protectors , shin-guards and gloves.