Are you a runner based in South London?


Running is our key area of specialism, and in particular footwear. We’re all runners in the shop and we know how to help you find the right running shoes.

Running is great for the mind and body, but it’s crucial to protect your feet by getting the correct type of running footwear. Did you know that you can increase the load on your body by five times your body weight when you run? Barefoot, natural, trail, cushioned or structured – we are here to help you cut through the jargon and get the right shoes for you. This will help you avoid injury and enjoy your running as much as possible.

Gait analysis


When you’re ready to buy your running shoes, we can analyse your ‘gait’ on our treadmill and video camera. This helps us get a close look at which shoes are best for you. It takes a couple of minutes and you don’t have to worry if you’ve not been on a running machine before. Our staff are here to help you!

Running accessories

We have a wide array of clothing, socks and accessories to make your run as comfortable as possible. Nike, Adidas, Ron Hill, Under Armour, 1000mile and Balega are just some of the brands we stock.


Which brand of running shoe is the best?


It’s the differences between people’s feet, stance and running technique that matters most in deciding which shoes to buy. Getting the right right fit is the most important thing, and we can give you all the help you need in store.
We are independently owned, so can stock the range of shoes we feel best represent quality and value for money. Some of the footwear brands we stock include Nike, Asics, Brooks, Salmon and New Balance.