Ask us for advice about cricket kit

Whether you are playing at club or school level, most clubs and schools provide bats and much of the protective gear which goes with today’s game, but you may still want to own at least some of your own kit.
In fact, there can be so much kit, when you are going off on a game you can sometimes feel as though you’re packing to go off on a long trip!
Essentially a hard cricket ball can do a lot of damage to the upper and lower body – and the head in particular – so protective gear is absolutely essential.
It will help to stop you getting hurt, though the occasional bruise and bump is going to be inevitable.


We could hardly call ourselves a sports specialist without offering all the essentials needed for our most popular team sports!

From cricket bats and pads, to boxes, arm guards and thigh pads – we cover all bases so you’re covered for the season, or for those mid-season replacements. Ask us for advice and come int o the shop to try things for size and comfort.

We stock GM, Gray-Nicolls, Kookaburra, Reader and more Cricket brands

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