ON Shoes

For runners that remix their workouts, our ON training shoes are made to handle explosive multi-directional movements.

There are great options for all of these workout choices:

  • For running and mixed-sports workouts, lightweight support shoes
  • Lightweight with full cushioning, for training and racing
  • Urban running shoes with ultimate cushioning
  • Performance shoes for maximum cushioning
  • Lightweight waterproof protection with added support
  • Responsive yet fully cushioned for road running

Re-string and re-grip your racquet

We now offer a racquet re-stringing service. Our range of strings can offer you more power, control and durability, and we can give you the guidance required to help you get the most from your re-string and the most out of your game.

A re-gripping service is also available.

Sport is a way of living

Established in 2009, Intersport Herne Hill is a local sportswear & equipment specialist. We are proud to be independent and pride ourselves on service and quality advice. Sport is a way of living and we are proud to encourage it.

Ask about our Loyalty Scheme

Please ask about our Loyalty Scheme - simply join our mailing list and you'll qualify for 10% off ALL footwear, for which ever gender, sport or age. We also offer great value on tennis racquets, cricket bats and hockey sticks. If you are on our mailing list then you are a Loyalty Member.

Join our Run Club

We specialise in Running, Swim, Tennis as well as many team sports like Rugby and Hockey.
We are passionate about sport and all the staff are runners, some recreational and some more serious. Why don't you come and join us on our run club, every Tuesday, run by Herne Hill's very own Anne Fison.

We analyse your running style

When you’re ready to buy your running shoes, we can analyse your ‘gait’ on our treadmill and video camera. This helps us get a close look at which shoes are best for you. It takes a couple of minutes and you don’t have to worry if you’ve not been on a running machine before. Our