Squash – one of the most fitness demanding sports there is.

Squash_equipment-herne-hill-intersportWhether you’re a beginner, a regular club player or a future Ross Norman, we will give you the right advice to make sure you get a suitable racquet for your needs.

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Our range of strings can offer you more power, control and durability, and we can give you the guidance required to help you get the most from your re-string and the most out of your game. If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to visit us in store or give us a call. We’re well placed to serve customers from Clapham to Norwood.


Accessories and clothing

Squash is a fast-moving game that requires skill, speed and a very high standard of fitness. squash_equipmentThe ball can reach speeds of over 170mph and players can burn off up to 1000 calories per hour of squash – considerably higher than in most other sports you can think of.

We recommend players wear comfortable sports clothing. In competition, men usually wear shorts and a T-shirt, tank top or a polo shirt. Women normally wear a skirt or skort and a T-shirt or a tank top, or a sports dress.

The sports governing body recommends wearing goggles with polycarbonate lenses as eye-protection is necessary to protect your eyes from the ball and also from the racquet. Wearing eye-guards is mandatory in almost every professional squash tournament worldwide. Keep in mind that the pros have spent their lives developing accurate shots with compact follow throughs. So if these players feel that eye-guards are vital then you can be sure you should be wearing them too!

For beginners it is best to buy shoes with plenty of shock absorption. Thin-soled shoes or shoes with worn out soles should definitely be avoided. Also please note, do not wear running shoes for squash as you are likely to sprain your ankle in them (there is little or no lateral stability and the high sole of a normal running shoe increases twisting forces into your ankle should you sprain it). We have some good choices of leading squash brands for you to try on in our shop.


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