Helping you choose the right hockey kit

could-dutone-this7153Hockey kit can be a hot issue for many parents in particular, as growing teenagers make sizing difficult, and some of the kit can be quite expensive. Most schools have sets of kit, but as with any serious sport, many of the young people who take the sport seriously like to own their own kit.
Some of the belter more expensive brands simply last longer in use, so there are issues to be weighed up. What’s more, some of the hockey kit takes a lot of wear and tear especially on modern artificial surfaces, so it can pay to specify at the better end of the range.

Goalkeepers in particular need specialist hockey kit, such as kickers and leg-guards, and longer shorts, and a robust helmet. Chest guards and pelvic guards are important for men and women alike, and should be chosen carefully for fit and protection. Gloves are often made available by clubs and schools alike, but sometimes it’s preferable to have your own pair as partly worn gloves can cause damage.

At Intersport a quick visit to the shop can help a lot particularly for sizing fit and comfort and we are always happy to give advice.

Choosing the right hockey stick

Traditionally hockey sticks have been made from wood, more specifically Mulberry. As the game developed, technology improved and the movement towards playing on artificial surfaces has taken hold, meant that a range of materials have been introduced for hockey stick manufacture.

Aluminium sticks offered increased hitting power, but after a number of injuries resulted from failure of the metallic parts of these sticks, the FIH took a firm stance to prevent further potential injuries by banning metallic components in hockey sticks….. As ‘high-tech’ materials such as fibreglass, carbon fibre and Kevlar became widely available, several manufacturers stepped into the breach with hockey sticks developed using composites. Constant refinements resulted in composite sticks being widely used and accepted. The use of composite materials has now also been combined with wood to create lighter, stiffer hockey sticks which maintain the traditional wooden look and feel and are hardwearing too.

Hockey we stock Mercian, Adidas, Grays, TK:

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  • Sticks
  • Shin pads
  • Grips
  • Balls
  • Bags
  • Shorts
  • Skorts
  • Mouthguards