A great range of football kit and boots

Football is one of London’s most popular sports – a short trip out to sunny Brockwell Park on a Saturday morning will soon confirm that. But what kind of kit will you need? A lot depends on how often you play and at what level. Many school provide their own kit, but playing with a group of friends in the park or at club level will almost certainly mean you have to provide a lot of your own. And boots certainly are going to be needed however you organise your football enjoyment.


We’ve got a great range of football boots to choose from and whether you’re interested in the most fashionable brands or in sheer performance, one of the best things we offer is you can try them for size in the shop! We can give you advice about what playing surface you’ll be using, whether to choose moulded soles or studs, and so on.

Surprisingly socks are a really important consideration for football players – the wrong choice can mean a really uncomfortable game! Parents often make the mistake of buying football socks a size too large thinking that their kids will soon grow into them. With football in particular they will almost always have worn them out before that happens! Our advice is buy the size that is correct for now. Socks that are too big won’t support football shin guards properly, feet may develop painful blisters, and the football boots won’t fit correctly.
We stock a good choice of shin guards and football practice gear too.

Football we stock Nike, Adidas, Lotto:

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