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Badminton shoes are probably one of the most important things to consider when looking at badminton kit. The game is very fast, in fact badminton is considered to be one of the fastest sports in the world today as well as the fastest sport involving the use of a racquet. Reaching speeds of up to 200 mph, a badminton shuttlecock can travel faster than a Eurostar train at its maximum in-service speed of 186 mph.
Anyone who has played or even watched a game of badminton will know the pace at which players move around the court — players are constantly making swift lunges and changing direction to win that vital rally.
Badminton footwear must be able to support these movements and badminton shoes are designed specifically as a result, the soles are thin, intended to keep the player’s feet close to the floor and providing important lateral support. This allows the player to make quick ankle direction changes, whilst reducing the risk of injury.
Non-badminton shoes are adequate when you are starting out but be aware if you are wearing ordinary training shoes. These tend to be running shoes which are designed with downward force in mind and they have a higher, thicker sole not so suitable for the movements of badminton. So get the right kit, it will help your general game and your feet and ankles.
Lightweight racquets tend to be more suitable for beginners.
We have t-shirts, polos, shorts, skirts and skorts so there is something for every badminton player, for men, ladies and kids in a variety sizes.

We also have a comprehensive selection of racquets for all abilities, from leading brands such as Babolat, Head and Wilson.

You can try before you buy! If you’re unsure of which racquet to go for, we offer a demo service where you can take a racquet from our selection out to see how it plays, just ask a member of staff for more details.

Accessories and maintenance

Beyond the racquets themselves, we also have all the necessary accessories and equipment you’ll need to go straight out and hit the courts – shuttlecocks, grips, bags, caps and socks.

In addition we have an excellent range of shoes and apparel to choose from to protect you on court and keep you comfortable during those long matches.

We also offer a racquet re-stringing service. Our range of strings can offer you more power, control and durability, and we can give you the guidance required to help you get the most from your re-string and the most out of your game.

If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to visit us in store or give us a call. We’re well placed to serve customers from Clapham to Norwood.

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